Whitewater Kayak and Canoe  Clinics


Learn basic boat-handling, river-reading, and safety techniques that will help you feel more comfortable and to “Play” the river. Our two-day clinics start on flat water, then go to moving water, work up to whitewater, and finally a full-river adventure.


These clinics are designed for those who have been kayaking before. Instruction will focus on eddy turns, peel outs, and ferries. This clinic is offered in a one or two day format. Clearwater Sports provides all the equipment and transportation from the shop. Don’t forget extra clothes and a towel!


# of participants 2-day 1-day
4+ participants $245 $145
2-3 (Semi-Private) $285 $185
1 (Private) $325 $225

Reservations required. Costs above are per participant.

Kayak Safety Clinic

This clinic is a must for those who want to develop their paddling skills and take their adventures to new heights. Instruction includes paddle and bracing strokes, paddling efficiency, safety, and solo and assisted re-entry rescue techniques.Cost:

$75.00 + (rental if you don’t have your own boat).


Kayak Roll Classes

This two-hour class emphasizes Eskimo rolls, safety, wet-exits, and basic paddle strokes. Limited to five paddlers per instructor, you will receive one-on-one instruction.


$45 per class of 3 or more
Semi-private $65 per class of up to 2

Orienteering Workshops

This clinic is designed to teach you the skills that will allow you to walk freely and safely throughout the backwoods of Vermont without the need to stay on the beaten path. This hands-on workshop will emphasize awareness skills and show you how to have fun with map and compass. First you will learn basic compass skills to allow you to successfully run our bearings course. This will lead to developing such concepts as reading a topographic map, shooting a bearing, declination, and low impact hiking. Finally we will use our new found skills to do a point to point bushwhack, totally off trail, to graduate you into the world of the safe off-trail wanderer.


$60 per person. Reservations required.


Stand Up Paddleboard Instruction and Techniques


Stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world. Learn how to properly size a board for yourself, paddling techniques and carving turns. From hard core river rafting to cruising the lake and everything in between. No matter how you decide to use your SUP- it’s great exercise!


$75/hr Private (includes complimentary board)

$60/hr per person Semi Private (includes complimentary board)

$50/hr per person Group 4 or more (includes complimentary board)

Half and full day rentals available.

-Advanced reservations required.


Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga


Clearwater Sports has joined with Yoga Instructor Misa Lindberg to provide stand up paddle yoga classes to get you out of the studio and onto the water this summer! Float peacefully with and get in rhythm with this gentle flow. The meditative calm of floating on the water while practicing yoga on this beautiful mountain lake can only heighten your inner tranquility.

In SUP Yoga, your stand up paddle board is your mat floating on the water. Your routine is enhanced by practicing postures on a dynamic medium which requires a little extra balance and concentration.

Classes will meet at Blueberry Lake where you will get your gear and then paddle ten to fifteen minutes to warm up and get to one of our favorite protected spots on this beautiful Lake. Misa will then lead a moderately paced Vinyasa Yoga Flow. This flow is designed for all levels of students. This will be followed by a cool down paddle back to our start off point. Classes are approximately 90 minutes long and include board, paddle and PFD. Please arrive at Blueberry Lake ten to fifteen minutes early to get your equipment into the water. Please bring your own sunblock, appropriate clothing (be prepared to get wet!), towel, and water (please no plastic water bottles).

Some prerequisites include knowing how to swim.  All levels of yoga students are encouraged to join.

$35 per Session
$25 per Session BYOB (bring your own board)
$90 SUP Yoga Three Pack
$60 SUP Yoga Three Pack BYOB


Space is limited! Please pre-register for class to reserve your space. For more information or to register for a class please call us at 802 496-2708 or email:   info@clearwatersports.com


Welcome to Adventure!